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Mark Ryden

Leonardo - Framed print

Leonardo - Framed print

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Mark Ryden artwork featuring none other than Leonardo DiCaprio himself. And the presentation is just as amazing as the subject. It's framed in a stylish bamboo-style frame and triple matted. The size of the entire piece including the frame is 345mm × 315mm. This combination of Mark Ryden's talent and Leonardo DiCaprio's presence makes it a real gem for any art lover


Mark Ryden’s art is truly unique blending pop culture themes with techniques inspired by the old masters. In the 90s, he pioneered a new genre called "Pop Surrealism," which gained a lot of attention. What sets Ryden apart is his choice of subject matter, which carries powerful cultural meanings. His paintings range from cryptic to cute striking a balance between nostalgia and timeless symbols. The level of detail and the meticulous glazing in his work is simply mesmerizing. You can feel a sense of both innocence and something deeper lurking beneath the surface. It's like cultural kitsch with a twist!


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