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Big Toe

Lambretta Luau framed print

Lambretta Luau framed print

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Imagine a beautiful dark-haired island girl playing the ukulele while sitting on a vintage Lambretta scooter on a tropical beach. And those two imposing mod tikis standing guard in the background, adding a touch of intrigue and culture. 

Lambretta Luau print by Tom Laura known as Big Toe is beautifully framed and ready to be displayed. The double matting and bamboo look tiki style frame adds a unique touch. With its open edition and hand-signed signature, it's definitely a special addition to any art collection. The dimensions of approximately 475mm x 540mm make it a great size for showcasing. Add a vibrant touch to your space!


Have you heard of BigToe, also known as Tom Laura? He grew up in Southern California surrounded by influences like Ed Roth, Mad Magazine and Rick Griffin from Surfer Magazine. BigToe's art has a fun and cheeky sense of humour with a touch of playful eroticism. It's like a nostalgic escape from our fast-paced world. After graduating from art school in the 80s, he wasn't feeling inspired by the snootiness of the New York art scene, so he decided to dive into the surf industry instead. BigToe's work is heavily influenced by the Tiki, Kustom and Surf culture which gives it a unique and vibrant style. His art has been showcased in galleries across the US, Canada, Australia, Hawaii, and Japan as well as featured in books and magazines worldwide


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