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Dennis Ropar

Homage to Warhol - CSI original stencil on card

Homage to Warhol - CSI original stencil on card

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Dennis Ropar's Homage to Warhol CSI is not just a print, it's an original piece of art, making it truly one of a kind. It's part of a special edition of only 100, each one hand-signed and numbered by the talented Dennis Ropar. The stencil on card measures 760mm × 510mm, creating a bold and eye-catching display. Don't miss your chance to own this unique piece that pays tribute to Warhol's iconic style.


Dennis Ropar is an amazing Australian artist known for his contemporary art. He studied Visual Arts at the University of Melbourne and his work is a blend of iconic imagery, pop art references, and vibrant colors. Ropar's art incorporates different styles from the past five decades, like pinup girls from the 1950s, pop art from the 1960s, and even elements of comic and graffiti culture from the 1980s. He's been exhibiting his work across Australia for over 13 years and is considered one of the best in the country when it comes to Pop Art. His works are extremely collectible.


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